AATP Bylaws...

The Bylaws of the Association
Our association bylaws are described in the following 12 articles.


Article 1. Name
The name of this organization shall be the American Association for Technology in Psychiatry, hereinafter called AATP.
Article 2. Purpose
2.1. The purpose of the AATP is to promote the understanding and use of informatics and information technology in Psychiatry. To achieve this purpose, the activities of the AATP shall include:
2.1.1 Planning and conduct of scientific, technical, and educational meetings and programs.
2.1.2 Publication and distribution of educational materials through various media.
2.1.3 Promotion of academic study and research into the applications of Informatics in Psychiatry
2.1.4 Facilitation of communication between clinicians, researchers, information specialists, and system developers in the area of Psychiatry
2.2 No part of AATP's net earnings will inure to the benefit of any member or any individual. AATP is not organized for profit or to engage in any activity ordinarily carried on for profit.

Article 3. Membership
3.1. There shall be three categories of membership: a) Regular Members, b) Fellows, c) Members in Training.
3.1.1 Membership shall be open to any psychiatrist or psychiatric resident with an interest in informatics who is committed to its advance through the AATP.
3.1.2 Fellowship may be awarded to someone who: a) has been a member for at least 5 years; b) who is voted upon for this honor by at least 3/4 of the Steering Committee--as an honor for both distinguished contribution to the field of computers and mental health and also for active participation in the society
3.2. Termination from membership may occur under the following conditions:
3.2.1 Failure to pay any sums due and owing AATP in a timely manner, as defined by the Steering Committee.
3.2.2 Resignation filed in writing with the Steering Committee.
3.2.3 Upon a two-thirds vote of the Steering Committee in instances of violations of generally accepted ethical, professional, or scientific standards.

Article 4. Steering Committee
4.1. The affairs of the AATP shall be managed by a Steering Committee consisting of its four officers and eight elected members. The eight elected members shall serve for a three-year term with two or three new members elected each year. One of the steering committee members must be a psychiatric resident in training at the time he or she is elected and shall serve a one year term.
4.1.1 Elected Steering Committee members may serve no more than two consecutive terms.
4.1.2 All Officers and Committee Members shall take office at the end of the spring annual meeting.
4.1.3 Unscheduled vacancies on the Steering Committee may be filled by the Steering Committee until the next regular election at which the Members shall elect a Committee member to fill the position for the duration of the vacant term of office.
4.1.4 One of the Steering Committee members must be from a place other than the United States of America.
4.2. The Steering Committee shall from time to time appoint subcommittees as required. Membership on subcommittees need not be limited to the membership of the Steering Committee.

Article 5. Officers
5.1. The officers of the AATP shall be the Past President, the President, the President-Elect, the Secretary-Treasurer. All officers must be members in good standing.
5.1.1 The President-Elect shall automatically become the President at the conclusion of the term of President.
5.1.2 The Immediate Past President shall perform the duties of the President during absence or disability of the President. In cases where the vacancy will be permanent, an interim President shall be selected by the Steering Committee for the remaining period of the term of the former President.
5.1.3 The Secretary-Treasurer, under the direction of the Steering Committee, shall maintain or cause to be maintained minutes of meetings, records of activities, a list of the membership, or any other records required by law. In the absence of the Secretary, an Acting Secretary may be appointed by presiding officer of the meeting. The Secretary-Treasurer shall establish orderly mechanisms for the collection of fee dues, and assessments, and the distribution of monies owed. The Secretary-Treasurer shall prepare, or cause to be prepared, all financial reports, subject to procedures defined in these Bylaws, presented to the Board and to the membership.
5.2. Term of Office
5.2.1 The President may only serve one term. This is for two years each as President-Elect, President, and Past President
5.2.2 The Secretary-Treasurer term of office is two years and may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Article 6 Nominating Committee
6.1. The Nominating Committee shall be composed of the Past President (Chair), and two members of the Steering Committee appointed by the Past President.
6.2. Each year, during the month of March, the Nominating Committee shall draw up a ballot of candidates for offices to be filled and shall mail it to the membership. The elections shall be closed and the Nominating Committee shall tabulate the ballots received within 30 days after mailing of the ballots.
6.3. Persons may also be nominated by the Membership of AATP. Petitions signed by 5 AATP members or 2% of the Membership, whichever is greater, must be received by March 1 of each year by the Past President to be considered. The Petition must also bear the name of the AATP member being nominated and the office for which the nominee is running.
6.4. Any vacancy occurring among the elected or appointed officers or elected membership of the Steering Committee may be filled for the unexpired term by action of the Steering Committee.

Article 7. Dues
7.1. Annual dues shall be determined by the affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the total number of voting members of the Steering Committee. All dues shall be payable at intervals established by the Steering Committee.
Article 8. Meetings and Votes
8.1 Meetings and Votes of the AATP and of the Steering Committee shall be held at such times and places and upon such notice as the Steering Committee may from time to time determine, and may be held in person or remotely using telephone, Internet-based chat, e-mail, or whatever technology the Steering Committee deems appropriate. Voting by ten percent of the total membership shall constitute an official vote of the membership, and voting by the majority of the elected members of the Steering Committee shall constitute and official vote of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall determine the order of business at meetings of the AATP, and shall assure all votes are conducted in a fair and reasonable manner.
Article 9. Recall
9.1 Upon request of ten percent of the membership, an election by mail, Internet-based chat, e-mail, or whatever technology the Steering Committee deems appropriate will be held on proposals with respect to the recall of members of the Steering Committee, or any elected or appointed officers. Such a recall will be effective upon receipt of votes for recall representing a majority of all members or the AATP.

Article 10. Amendments
10.1 The Steering Committee may propose amendments to the Bylaws. A proposed amendment may be adopted by a two-thirds vote of the Members present and voting if the vote is held at the annual meeting of the AATP, or two-thirds of the members voting as prescribed in Article VIII if the vote is held remotely.

Article 11. Special Circumstances
10.1 The Steering Committee shall be empowered to interpret these by-laws in the best interests of AATP

Article 12 Disposition of Assets
11.1 In case of dissolution of AATP all legal debts will be paid and the remaining assets shall be distributed to the American Psychiatric Association, 1400 K St. NW, Washington DC 20005.